LGBT Characters Wikia

I'm pretty new to the Wiki, so I'd like some clarification concerning the rules. (I asked about one of the issues in a discussion thread, but it got no replies, so I thought I'd try here ;))

1. Foreign titles. I watch quite a lot of queer movies and tv shows from all over the world and I'd like to add the characters here. Do I add them under the original title or the English one? What if there is more than one English translation?

2. Navigation. What do I do if a character falls into more than one category (e.g. they are gay and transgender or polyamorous and lesbian)?

3. Fictionalized versions of real people. I get we don't add them. I assume it's okay to add all characters from a given work except the real people (e.g. I can add all the gay characters from Angels in America except Roy Cohn, because he was a real person). But where is the line between a fictionalized version of a real person and a fictional character inspired by someone real? Like, is Cliff from Cabaret a fictional character inspired by Christopher Isherwood' experiences or is he a fictionalized version of the writer?

4. No porn. Where's the line between porn and non-porn with erotic elements? Is it okay to add something that has quite a lot of sex scenes, but they are not the primary focus?