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Todd Chavez is an asexual character from BoJack Horseman.


Todd is a 30 year old male by the end of the show. He has a mother who he isn't very close with. She kicked him out after he become addicted to a video game. His step-father also isn't a big figure in his life until later in the series. He comes out as asexual at the end of season 3. He is a huge character and is known to always getting into wacky shenanigans.


Todd has dark blue hair and wears a yellow beanie that he got from his ex-girlfriend, Emily. He usually wears a red sweatshirt, blue-grey sweatpants, and blue flip-flops. He also has a bit of a stubble of a beard. Todd is 5 feet 2 inches (157.48 cm).


Todd's personality does change throughout the series. In the earlier seasons Todd is a freeloader like character who just does drugs. drinks, and just sleeps on the couch. He also was more of a dumb side but main character. Around season 3 Todd starts becoming more of an actual character with plot instead of just a b-plot. He becomes a better worker and actually tries in life. At the end of the series he's still a comedic character but now is more of a person than just a side b-plot character.


Todd doesn't realize his sexuality until season 3. When him and his ex-girlfriend, Emily, have a discussion about how he doesn't seem sexual. Emily asks if he's gay and he responds by saying that he's nothing. Then she asks if he's asexual and Todd says he doesn't like labels. It isn't until the season 3 finale that Todd comes out to BoJack as being asexual.


Many people were very supportive of the choice of making Todd asexual. Lots of LGBT+ members were glad to have more representation especially asexual people. Even Aaron Paul, Todd's voice actor, said how glad he was to be able to play a LGBT+ icon like Todd.



Maude and Todd meet in season 6. This is Todd's last relationship in the series. Todd meets Maude on a dating app that Emily made for asexuals to meet each other. This is also a serious relationship too because both of them move in with each other. Maude is another asexual character in the show.


Emily and Todd meet before the series takes place. They had a relationship in high school and switch beanies. The yellow beanie Todd wears was Emily's but they switched it in a panic in highschool when they almost got caught together.

Yolanda Buenaventura[]

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Yolanda and Todd date for a bit but find that the only thing they really have in common is being asexual.


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