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Ryo Asuka is an intersex gay character from Devilman.


Ryo serves as the deuteragonist and later antagonist of Devilman. He is cursed to repeat a loop of killing his love time and time again. In his human life, he usually meets Akira as a young child and continues to be his best friend into his teenage years. He is the one who hosted the Sabbath and turned Akira into a Devilman. Ryo often helps Akira in his battles with a gun and later heals him. When his inevitable betrayal to humanity arrives, he broadcasts the demons on TV and subsequently reveals Akira's identity. Thus starting the war between humanity and demons, with him serving as the leader. In his final confrontation with Akira, he kills him accidentally. While mourning Akira's death he realises all his wrongdoings and confesses his love. Later, the angels come and another cycle begins.


Ryo appears as a blonde man with pale skin along with icy blue eyes. He is half-American, half-Japanese and appears to be medium/above average height with a slim frame. In Crybaby, Ryo sports a bowl cut, opposed to his usual mullet. He is often seen wearing long trench coats along with sweaters and baggy pants. However, in Crybaby he opts to change it out for a big white fur coat. He is usually always seen with guns hidden under his clothes. Ryo is often described as pretty or good-looking by the other characters.

As Satan, he's an intersex angel, with both male and female genitalia. He has 6 large pairs of wings, 4 on his back, one on his head and one on his ankles. Wearing no clothes, his body is covered in a veil of light. In older versions, his hair stayed the same length as his human self, but in Crybaby it grows past his shoulders. It is said that he harbours otherworldly beauty in this form.


Ryo has a very serious, intense, and haunting personality, likely from the threat of the demon apocalypse looming over him. In the manga he could be described as a stoner, with his often humorous ways of showing emotions. He is very affectionate with Akira and loves him a lot. He's very relatable, displaying fear towards the demons and about his and Akira's well-being.

In Crybaby he is more psychotic and crazed. He is okay with harming people and shows no remorse for anyone. He fails to comprehend love and human emotions. Although it should be kept in mind that he still cares about Akira a great deal. He does everything in his power to protect Akira and ensure that he'll stay with him forever. Also running a successful Twitter page (90 million followers), he is quite famous and hosts his own television show.

As Satan, he becomes even more emotionless and inhuman. He fails to notice how Akira feels and becomes almost obsessive.


It is revealed at the end of the manga that Ryo is actually Satan himself. In order to take back the world from God who, in favor of humans, had banished demons from the world, Satan wipes his own memories and takes the role of a human boy, Ryo Asuka, to discover humanity's weaknesses. In the process of doing so, however, Satan fell prey to one of humanities’ greatest weaknesses; he fell in love with a human, his friend Akira Fudo.

Ryo fell in love with Akira over their friendship, to the point that he spurs Akira's possession and the events of the series, in hopes of Akira being able to survive the impending battles with demons. Akira is also the only person Ryo ever cared about, as he never showed genuine concern for anyone else, even his guardian Jenny.


Nearing the end of the series, Ryo remembers his identity as Satan, a fallen angel who is intersex. Since Devilman is an endless loop, he is reborn time and time again. Usually he prefers the male form, but does also seldom opt to use the female body.


Akira Fudo

Akira and Ryo are childhood friends and care for each other. Pre-Amon Akira seems to be okay with almost anything Ryo could do, and never stops caring for him once. After Akira takes over Amon, he starts to stand up more for himself. They both show deep trust and love for each other. Ryo is constantly worried about Akira's well being and often comes to his aid in battles. In most canons, Akira often stays over at Ryo's place and comes to him for help. It is very obvious that Akira loves Ryo, although it is unknown whether it's romantic or platonic. When Zennon says that Ryo fell in love with Akira, Ryo admits it by replying: "Are you surprised..?". Akira is also the only person in the series Ryo ever shows an ounce of affection for, not even caring when his guardian Jenny is killed. In some canons Ryo bears jealousy towards Miki and even tries to kill her due to her closeness to Akira.

In the end what causes them to separate is Ryo's hatred for humanity. They fight, with Ryo seeming more amused by it than anything. When Akira finally dies, Ryo reminiscences and cries.

It has been stated many times by Go Nagai himself that in the end Devilman is Satan's love story.


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