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Robin Buckley is a lesbian character from Stranger Things .


In the summer of 1985, Robin started working at Scoops Ahoy, an icecream shop in Starcourt Mall. This is where she formed her friendship with Steve Harrington and eventually Erica Sinclair and Dustin Henderson when he needed help cracking a Russian code in Season 3. Her favorite movies are The Apartment, The Hidden Fortress, and Children of Paradise.


Robin is 5'9", with blue eyes and short, brown hair. Her style is alternative, she is often seen wearing dark colored clothing. Her outfits seem to be randomly put together. She is said to not care much about appearance which is a reason she cut her hair so short in season 4. And she intensely dislikes dressing feminine as seen in the episode "Dear Billy".


Robin is realistic and speaks the truth compared to others. She tends to rant when she gets nervous and says that she does not quite understand social cues. She is also very adventurous and brave, and has a great sense of humor. She is quick to mock Steve, especially with his relationship with the Party, and how they are children yet he is an adult. She is proven to speak many languages like Spanish, French, Italian, and Pig Latin which allowed her to easily translate a Russian recording despite not speaking the language. In additional to her academic intelligence, she is extremely clever and street-wise with a strong ability to negotiate, helping Steve get a job and getting herself and Nancy into a risky interview with Victor Creel.


Robin identifies herself as a lesbian. She rejected Steve due to her sexuality, and claimed that she had interest in Tammy Thompson, making her the first confirmed LGBTQ+ character on the show. She currently has a crush on Vickie.

Steve, a bit confused at first, accepts her for who she is and they only grow as friends. In season 4 Robin tells Nancy she and Steve are "Platonic with a capital P".


The reaction to Robins character has been overwhelmingly positive, as lesbians were excited to see themselves represented in one of the biggest shows around. Fans also responded well to Robin and Steves friendship, and they are now a fan favorite duo on the show. There has also been appreciation of actress Maya Hawke for giving the idea to the Duffer Brothers that Robin should be a lesbian.



Vickie is a student and member of the band at Hawkins High School, she was introduced in season 4. Robin has a crush on her and is unsure if Vickie likes girls as well, but Steve thinks she should make a move. In the second half of season 4 Robin sees Vickie kiss her boyfriend Dan, and storms off. Vickie sees that she has hurt Robins feelings. Later on when Robin volunteers to help at Hawkins High School with Steve and Dustin she runs in to Vickie, who is also helping make food for members of the community. Vickie is happy to see her, and tells Robin she and Dan broke up and that it was a good thing. The two continue talking and getting to know each other implying a development of their relationship soon to come while Steve watches and is happy Robin finally got her chance.

Tammy Thompson

In high school, Robin had a crush on her classmate Tammy Thompson, but never got her attention. She was jealous of Steve, due to Tammy having been attracted to him, and not her. It is unknown whether Tammy knew about her feelings.


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