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Revolver Ocelot is a gay character from Metal Gear Solid.


Ocelot was born in 1944 in Normandy, France to The Boss (also known as The Joy) and The Sorrow, American and Russian soldiers respectively. The Boss suffered an injury during childbirth, forcing her to give birth via cesarean section. Shortly after birth, Ocelot was taken by agents of the Philosophers. He briefly worked for the NSA under the code name ADAM, but he and one of his colleagues defected to the Soviet Union in 1960. He served in the GRU under Colonel Volgin's command while also secretly operating as a spy for both the KGB and the CIA. Being The Boss's son, Ocelot was promoted to the rank of Major at a young age plus his own unit. In 1964, he and the Ocelot unit infiltrated Rassvet, Tselinoyarsk, to capture weapons scientist Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov. Naked Snake himself was trying to rescue Sokolov for the Virtuous Mission he was taking part in, prompting the first of many encounters. A week later, Ocelot was ordered to aid Snake in Operation Snake Eater and returned to Rassvet, however EVA, also aiding Snake in the mission, had reached him first and almost shot Ocelot. Snake stopped her, telling her he was "still young" but he had also taken a liking to him. Ocelot was also the cause of Snake's missing right eye. By 1984, Ocelot had involved himself in Diamond Dogs' mercenary activities while still maintaining his position in GRU. When Big Boss awoke from his coma early in the same year, Ocelot rescued him from the hospital he was being treated at and would go on to support him in his revenge against XOF and its leader Skull Face. He and Kazuhira Miller advised Big Boss (also known as Venom Snake at that point) through radio when he was out on missions, and the pair also tortured Dr. Huey Emmerich for information on his role in the downfall of Militaires Sans Frontières and the old Mother Base, and later the death of Strangelove. Around 2000, Ocelot joined FOXHOUND under the command of Liquid Snake and became the unit's interrogation specialist. Five years later, he had a large part in the Shadow Moses Incident, including interrogating the DARPA Chief and ARMSTECH President for information on nuclear detonation codes. He lost his right hand to a Cyborg Ninja that several soldiers around Shadow Moses were attacked by. Ocelot also fought and interrogated Solid Snake regarding PAL (Permissive Action Link) card keys. After the destruction of Metal Gear REX and Snake's successful mission, Ocelot fled the island and had his right arm replaced with Liquid's. He aided Solidus Snake, the newly former U.S. President, for the next couple of years. In 2007, he was ordered by the Patriots to steal the U.S. Marines' Metal Gear RAY and infiltrated the tanker on which it was being transported with the help of Sergei Gurlukovich and the Gurlukovich Mercenaries. Ocelot took control of RAY and left Gurlukovich and the Marine Commandant Scott Dolph for dead, and framed Solid Snake for the entire incident. In 2009, Ocelot and Solidus formed the Sons of Liberty comprised of the remaining members of Dead Cell and the Gurlukovich Mercenaries. They took over the Big Shell, and near the end of the whole ordeal Ocelot escaped with a RAY and headed off to take down the Patriots. Snake not only placed a transmitter on the RAY, but also theorized he had been given an incorrect location to begin with. Afterwards, Ocelot replaced Liquid's arm with a cybernetic one because the "possessions" he experienced had caused an imbalance to his psyche. He later allowed Liquid's psyche to take over his mind completely. By 2014, Liquid Ocelot planned an insurrection against the Patriots. He was the CEO of the Outer Heaven mother company and controlled five of the largest PMCs (private military company/corporation) plus the benefactor of an all female mercenary group. He took over the SOP (Sons of the Patriots) system to disable every weapon in the world. On Shadow Moses Island in an attempt to recover Metal Gear REX's rail gun, he used a Metal Gear RAY to fight against a REX piloted by Snake. He later retreated to his battleship, stolen from the Patriots, which he turned into his main base and outfitted with the rail gun. He planned to use it to launch its nuclear warhead to destroy the Patriots' orbital core AI and replace it with another AI to control the Patriots. His forces were defeated after Snake and Otacon uploaded a computer worm into the battleship. Ocelot and Snake had one last battle, the former's original personality slowly resurfacing while using signature hand gestures and movements he remembered from his fight with Big Boss. Right after his defeat and final words, he was killed by the new FOXDIE virus.


When Ocelot was younger in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, he had short, shaven blond hair and wore an MVD Spetznaz beret, a Naval Infantry combat uniform, a red scarf and gloves, a bandolier, two holsters for each revolver he used, and leather officer's boots and spurs. In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, his hair has become gray, and he wears a long-sleeved shirt and a black armband with the Diamond Dogs logo, dark pants and boots, and similar accessories which he also goes on to wear in almost every appearance after. In Metal Gear Solid and its remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, his hair has grown much longer and he wears a dress shirt with a vest and tie, and is sometimes seen wearing a long coat. His design was inspired by veteran Western film actor Lee Van Clef. In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, he wears a coat and a camouflage patterned uniform during the Tanker Incident and a brown suit with a tie in the Big Shell Incident. In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, he wears a light beige suit with a black dress shirt and tie underneath, a coat, fingerless gloves, and is sometimes seen wearing sunglasses.


As a young man, Ocelot was arrogant and overconfident. He often showed off gun tricks, including in or before battle. He appeared to show patriotism to Russia, and was firmly against killing his comrades. He also very much enjoyed the thrill of reloading his revolvers in the middle of battle. As he grew older and became mature, he usually acted as a voice of reason and was more merciful. When he still had Liquid's arm, he seemed dismayed when his mind was "possessed" and his personality briefly switched to that of Liquid's: hostile and revengeful, specifically to Solid Snake.


Ocelot was never explicitly stated to be gay, but was never clearly attracted to women either. In MGS3 he quickly deflects Volgin's comment about if he's "taken a fancy" to EVA, saying he has no interest in her, but doesn't do the same when asked if he's "fallen for" Big Boss. At another point in the game Big Boss asks Eva why the character Raikov is treated as the same rank as Conolel Volgin. Big Boss, not realizing the 2 characters are lovers, due to the fact that they're both men, causes Eva respond with, "Has anybody ever told you you're a bit slow?" Very soon after this, there is a point in the game where Ocelot steals and eats all of Big Boss' food. When Big Boss asks Eva who it was that ate all his food, she tells him it was Ocelot, because Ocelot wanted to eat the same things Big Boss does. Big Boss then asks again why Ocelot would do that. Eve finishes the conversation with "Wow... You ARE dense." Hinting at Ocelot's attraction for Big Boss, and comparing it to Raikov and Volgin's relationship.

In MGS4, he kisses Snake twice, the second of which may be one of the most brought-up moments in the series. When Ocelot puts Snake in a chokehold, the player has to move the left stick back and forth to escape his grasp, but if they don't do that at all, Ocelot kisses Snake on the cheek, his psyche meter rises, and the player is granted a trophy called "You're pretty good." The icon for it is the Japanese word for love (愛). The non-canon MGS3 Subsistence Secret Theater cutscene "Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser" puts Raiden from MGS2 in a variety of scenarios, having been tasked to go back in time to eliminate Big Boss. In one of them, Raiden is teleported right in front of EVA's motorcycle and she ends up knocking him in the air instead. He falls on top of Ocelot, and when the view switches to ground level, they can be seen kissing, complete with a sound effect for it. Ocelot is also very enthusiastic about his guns during his fights with Big Boss, some of his lines regarding them being "Amazing! I never knew reloading could be so thrilling in the middle of a battle!!!", "YES!!! It's the heart of a duel!" and "Thank you, thank you, for teaching me the joy of the revolver." From (chronologically) MGS3 to MGS1, he wore red neck ties, which (along with general red clothing) had been used by gay men to identify each other.


Ocelot is by far the most hotly debated LGBT character in the MGS series. A surprising amount of fans claim his appreciation for Big Boss was nothing more than idolization and respect for him, not romantic. In 2010, a user on GameFAQs asked why Ocelot kisses Snake in MGS4, which garnered a whole lot of people trying to prove that he's not gay, and he did it to mock his opponent. "its a russian tuant" is a very popular phrase that originated in the thread, and it's used to joke about the arguments and their non-necessity. It's even front and center on the "Metal Gay Solid" shirt by androphonos. The shirt is on display in the RAINBOW ARCADE exhibit at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany. The fight Ocelot has with Big Boss on the WIG and their exchange of real names are both popular moments, often used as evidence to point toward their relationship being more than that of mutual approbation. There are also fans who have noticed Ocelot's birth name is the feminine version of the name "Adamski", possibly implying he is transgender as well.


Big Boss

The mercenary whom Ocelot would fight for and dedicate his life to. When he first met him, he made a technical mistake with the gun he was using, prompting Big Boss to give him advice and tell him "that was some fancy shooting" and he's "pretty good." It clearly had an impact on him, as twenty years later, he recited the same things he'd been told, almost word-for-word, to a soldier who made the same mistake. Ocelot's last words were even "You're pretty good." For a lot of their future encounters during Operation Snake Eater, Ocelot exclaims that he's "been waiting for this (moment)", meaning that he very much enjoys being in Big Boss's presence. In MGSV:TPP, when he says Quiet is "in love with the legend", that being Big Boss, Kaz asks how he's sure. He responds, "I was the same way once." Considering how Quiet also acts as Big Boss's romantic interest in the game, it's easy to say Ocelot's admiration was fueled by love, too. At one point, he leans in close to light Big Boss's cigar, a gesture seen as a flirtatious signal of sexual interest among gay men.


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