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Pamela Isley also known as Poison Ivy is a lesbian character from DC Comics.


Dr. Lillian Rose PhD was once a promising botanist who was convinced by Marc LeGrand into assisting him with the theft of an Egyptian artifact containing ancient herbs. But he tries to poison her with the herbs, which are deadly and untraceable. She survives with an immunity to all natural toxins and diseases.

She grows up wealthy with emotionally distant parents and later studies advanced botanical biochemistry at a university. she was shy growing up and easily influenced. She gains her abilities through experimentation and loses her mind from the poisons. Out of anger of what she suffered, she has violent mood swings, being sweet one moment and evil the next and develops severe mental health issues. After more tragedy struck. she dropped out of school and left Seattle, eventually settling in Gotham City. This is where she took the persona of Poison Ivy up and began a life of crime.


Poison Ivy is often depicted with red hair and green eyes. Although her skin tone may vary depending on the media, she usually has green or white skin. She stands at around 5’6 and is portrayed as beautiful, even tempting to passerbies. Her hair is normally long and flown and her eyes a bit narrow and mysterious.


Poison Ivy is seductive to meet her ends, snarky, and deceitful. She is known to be intelligent, blunt and often mysterious in her methods. She will do anything to safeguard the environment, even if that means expending human lives. She is described as “a misanthropic botanist and biochemist who possesses a poisonous touch, enhanced physical abilities, and a supernatural control over plant life, powers which she uses for the purposes of ecoterrorism.”


A DC comics Pride cover featuring Poison Ivy with the lesbian flag was released as a variant cover for Harley Quinn #4 as part of the Pride Anthology Series[1].

She’d often compliment men on their appearances in the comics and use men to her advantage to reach her goals but never held any real sexual or romantic attraction to any of them. Later on, she pursues a relationship with her best friend Harley Quinn.


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Her sexuality was speculated by fans before any confirmation as bisexual, lesbian etc. but had been just under the sapphic umbrella. When DC released her with the lesbian pride flag many lesbian fans found comfort in this confirmation and representation being shown further in the comics.


Bella Garten

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is easily Poison Ivy's most famous love interest. Since Harley's debut, her and Ivy have been implied to be more than friends.

In the Batgirl Adventures comics, Batgirl indirectly asks Harley if her and Ivy are a couple, to which Harley responds with "You mean what everyone says about you and Supergirl?"

2009's Gotham City Sirens comic expands on this, with Harley asking Ivy "Is it because you love me?" while trying to figure out why Ivy has been so dedicated to their friendship for this long. Harley then betrays Ivy, breaking her heart in the process. Even though Ivy is hellbent on revenge and killing Harley, she still ends up giving her another chance while her internal monologue states "There is one other option. It would require patience. Even love."

Despite all this, it wasn't until the 2013 Harley Quinn comic that the two were confirmed to be in a romantic relationship. Harley referred to Ivy as her "hot girlfriend," and they would both be seen kissing each other multiple times.


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