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Lyla Remus is a lesbian character from the comic book crossover event Attack on Titan Anthology.


Lyla Remus was a teacher and an inventor who was living inside Wall Maria on Paradis island. She conceived a flying machine. Having the ambition of discovering the world outside of the Walls with it. She was murdered by members of the Garrison during the first test. They shot her dead with their cannons as she was trying to cross over Wall Maria. In the year 825. She was the colleague of another teacher called Mr. Smith. Who was arrested, tortured and killed by the military police just one day before her death. Under the supervision of First Interior Squad Djel Sannes. His son named Erwin Smith would go on to become the 13th commander of the Survey Corps. And the inventor of the Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation.


She had messy spiky red hair. Her eyes were of a striking blue. She wore a red dress at work. And a orange shirt paired with a red scarf during her spare time. With some brown pants and gloves. She wore brown flying glasses on top of her hair as she was preparing her invention for it's first test. And on her nose as she briefly tested it before being murdered by the Garrison.


She was a deeply creative and wild individual. She proved herself to be very sensitive and stressed. She was immensely passionate. And a visionary. She showed herself to be a very persevering person. Having worked on her secret project for ten years. Her laboratory was hidden behind a bookshelf in her study. She was rather eccentric and messy. She was a deeply loving being. Caring immensely for her supporting brother and her beloved partner.


She was a lesbian. Being in a relationship with her colleague Rene Browning. It is not known if their relationship was public or not. It is safe to assume that her brother was aware of it. Given that he was in the secret of her invention. He did not appear to have any problems with it and was deeply loving and supportive of his sister.


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Rene Browning

She was in couple with her colleague Rene Browning. Who was a much more down to earth individual than she was. She deeply loved her. And greatly cared about her. She designed a second seat on her invention at the very last minute. In order for her partner to come with her. Passionately kissing her on the spot when she agreed to do so. She screamed of despair as Rene fell to her death after being shot by the Military Police. And cried with her eyes closed before being shot dead herself by the members of the Garrison.


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