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Luz Noceda is a bisexual character from The Owl House.


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Luz has tan skin, purple-brownish short hair that is styled in a pixie cut, and hazel eyes. She has ebony earrings, and a short-sleeved hoodie that is half-indigo and half-white with cat ears attached to her hood. She has high-waisted jean shorts with dark gray leggings and a pair of white slip-on shoes.

When she's at Hexside, her school uniform has green and purple sleeves on her arms and red and blue leggings.


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The Owl House creator Dana Terrance stated that Luz wasn't straight, and later confirmed in a Reddit thread that she was bi, making her the first bisexual Disney protagonist[1][2].

Her sexuality has also been shown through her obvious attraction to multiple genders in the show, such as attraction to Edric, Emira, Nevareth, and her girlfriend, Amity.


Amity Blight

In "Escaping Expulsion", Luz begins to reciprocate Amity's feelings for her. She blushes after Amity saves her life.

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Luz blushes multiple times around Amity - after seeing her hair down, holding one of her hands, and when she sees Amity with her new purple-dyed hair. After Amity gives Luz a kiss on the cheek, she looks back at her with a look of amazement as she walks back home, and falls to the floor.

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Luz asks Amity to go out with her, and she said yes, officially becoming a couple. Hooty even said that Amity is "Luz's new GF".

In the following episode, “Eclipse Lake”, Amity calls herself Luz’s girlfriend multiple times and at the end of the episode, Luz hugs Amity, saying “I’m so glad my awesome girlfriend is okay!” She also sends multiple texts to Amity, saying “u ok?” “come home” and “u r pretty”.

Emira Blight

In "Lost in Language," Luz blushes after Emira calls her a cutie.

Edric Blight

In "Lost in Language," Luz blushes after Edric winks at her.


In "Witches Before Wizards", Luz shows attraction to Nevareth, who is actually a monster pretending to be a teenage guy. Luz later finds out that he was just a puppet controlled by Adegast, and she destroys Nevareth with her sword, and says she thought they had a connection.


  • Oblivious to Love - Luz is originally completely oblivious to Amity's crush on her.
  • Word of Gay - Luz was originally confirmed to be bi by Dana Terrace on reddit.

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