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Langa Hasegawa is a gay character from SK8 the Infinity.


Langa is a half-Japanese exchange student who has just returned from Canada to Okinawa where his mother had grew up after his father's death. After he moved, he was sent to a high school where he met Reki Kyan, and after a second introduction from his part, he agreed to accompany him to S, where the two had a dispute with Shadow and this lead him to make a race with him. Despite not having any knowledge of skateboarding, he picks up on it quickly with what he learned in his fifteen years of snowboarding before, winning the race and surprising everyone there.


He has sky-blue hair (described as "snow-like") and blue eyes. He's above the average height, noticeably taller than people like Reki. He's seen with his school uniform which it consists on black shirt and pants plus purple sneakers (which Langa usually uses with every outfit). He also wears baggy clothes, consisting on a blue coat, dark pants, a gray-colored shirt and finally his usual purple sneakers.


Langa is a calm person but when comes with skateboarding, he's pretty determined and he frequently uses to risk his life at it. Sometimes he is also described as an "air-headed" person, also a very clueless person. Finally, he is naturally stubborn and a hard working person.


The creator hadn't explicit confirmed anything about Langa's crush on Reki but however the show talks by itself. Langa is shown to have a canon crush on Reki, it can be proven in episode 8 when being asked by his mom if he liked [Reki], asking by "person" if not Reki's name, and Langa affirmed with a blush while looking away in embarrassment .


As said in episode 8th, people implied that Langa crush on Reki was romantic, since Nanako asked Langa if he liked them in the romantic way, with the kanji "suki", which means "like". Fans were very excited about this, even if some people already had hope since the beginning that whether Langa or Reki could have a crush on each other.


Reki Kyan

His first friend and classmate. Langa is specially attached to him, ever since they met. He was the one who taught Langa about skating, which made Langa remember about how similar skateboarding was compared with snowboarding but still was difficult for him. Langa worries very much about Reki, specially after when they had a fight, Langa still looked forwardly for Reki, still naive about Reki's own feelings. After his mother asked if he liked Reki indirectly (by asking by "person" if not his name directly), Langa blushes at the question, and affirmed it while looking away from embarrassment. And when his mother say a "her" and he's confused as he repeat "her?"


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