LGBT Characters Wikia

Canon Characters

  • Confirmed Characters only: Please refrain from adding in characters that are not confirmed to be LGBTQIA+. They must be confirmed within the work itself or by one of the creators/actors. Characters that are suspected of being LGBTQIA+ or have been headcanoned that way are not allowed, since this is up for interpretation.
  • No characters from entirely genderless species allowed, given that it doesn't make them LGBTQIA+ since there would be no such thing in a species like that.

Web Productions

  • While web characters are allowed, but they must be fictional characters. Youtubers are not allowed, unless they are fictionalized characters, that someone plays. Not a fictionalized version of someone.
  • YouTube channels must have at least 100,000 subscribers to have characters added onto the wiki.


  • No character from porn allowed. This includes hentai.

Word of Gay

  • If a character is confirmed outside of the media to be LGBT+ they are allowed on the wiki.
  • The source on being LGBT+ must be someone who works on the show.
    • Cannot be the actor for the character, or actor for another character. Unless they state that a show runner told them, then it is their own interpretation and the character was not actually be written to be LGBT+.
  • All LGBT+ characters that are revealed to be LGBT+ outside of the work itself are categorized as "Word of Gay".
  • If a character is revealed to be LGBT+ in a deleted scene, they would get categorized under word of gay.
  • If a Word of Gay character is added to the wiki, but a source cannot be found, it will be deleted.

Real People

Since there are many fictional portrayals of real people, we have some rules regarding those.

  • No depictions from biopics. Since that's meant to actually being a story of a real person and not a fictional story, portrayals from these kind of works won't be allowed. Example: Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody or John Lennon in Rocketman.
  • No versions played by the actual people that are being depicted. If a queer celebrity cameo's or guest stars as themselves in a piece of media, that will depict their sexuality. However since this is meant to be the real person if they were in this world, and not a brand new character. Example: Lady Gaga in The Simpsons or John Lennon in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
  • No celebrity parodies. These are just meant to be jokes, and not actual characters. Example: Anything from Robot Chicken.
  • Include the media in the page title. Since these are real people, they can be used over and over again in fiction, so please include the title of the media in a parenthesis after the character name. Example: Edward Teach (Our Flag Means Death) or Anne Bonny (Black Sails).


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