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Kris is a non-binary character from Deltarune.


Kris is a teenage human living among monsters in Hometown. They have been adopted at a young age by the Dreemurrs, a family of goat-like monsters, and reoccurring characters from Deltarune's creator's other game, Undertale. Kris goes to high-school. One day, being late to class once again, they get paired up with the only other student available, Susie, the class bully, for group assignment, and gets ask to retrieve chalk from the supply closet, along with the mean girl. There's they will both fall in a mysterious Dark World and learnt that their goal is to save the world, by sealing a dark fountain in the King's castle.


Kris initially appears with messy dark maroon hair and a golden-yellow skin tone. They wear a long-sleeved lime shirt with a single horizontal yellow stripe, and nondescript pants and shoes. One of Kris's distinct features is that the upper half of their face is overshadowed, which blocks visibility of their eyes.

When Kris and Susie fall into the mysterious Dark World, Kris's sprite changes. They are dressed in silver armor over a blue bodysuit, and wear a short, torn pink cape. Their skin turns cyan and their hair turns blue, which is most likely to reflect the lighting (or lack thereof) in the underground, in keeping with the visual and story themes of light and dark. Their entire sprite uses the same blue color for all shading, which gives the illusion that their cape has blue stripes in a few of their sprites.

Kris bears a notable resemblance to an unused human sprite from Undertale, albeit this is only due to the shadowed face, the identical hair color and the similar shirt coloring. Kris's color scheme is nearly the same as Frisk's, having the exact same skin and hair colors, but with different outfits as well as Kris's shadowed face. Kris also bears a minor resemblance to Chara, with their nondescript pants and shoes, and similar shirt colors. Although, that may just be due to the both of them sharing clothes with Asriel, as their shirts are not actually the same, just similar. (Chara's sweater is green with a cream-colored stripe, while Kris's is lime with a yellow stripe. Also, Chara's shirt does not have stripes on the sleeves.)


Kris shares several properties with the human children from Undertale, including a similar name to Frisk, and similar clothing to Chara. Like Chara, Kris enjoys chocolate, and can be seen taking chocolate kisses from Toriel's room without permission. They also enjoy drinking hot chocolate at QC's Diner and the butterscotch-cinnamon pie baked by their mother, which they once eat whole all by themself.

The other characters have mixed opinions of Kris. Some call them a "creepy kid," while others see them as nice. In the Dark World, the others see Kris as a "leader." Ralsei and eventually Susie follow their commands in battle and follow them around the overworld. Susie and King refer to them as a "quiet person." Their side of their shared bedroom is strikingly bare, including the shelves that the books now in Toriel's classroom must have previously occupied. They have a history of not waking up on time. When they were younger, Asriel sometimes carried them to school.

According to many of their neighbors, Kris has always been mischievous, pulling dark pranks such as covering themselves in ketchup and claiming it was blood. For example, Kris has the option to keep flushing the toilet before or after going to school, with Toriel replying: "You did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?" However, her view of the pranks seems to be as a minor annoyance, or even endearing, considering the fact Toriel sounded like she was at most a bit annoyed with the behavior. Townsfolk also appear to be surprised to find Kris voluntarily engaging them in conversation. If enough characters are talked to before returning home, several characters remark that Kris looks sick, strange, or pale.


Due to "Kris" being a unisex name and the fact that Kris uses they/them pronouns exclusively, this seems to indicate that Kris is non-binary.


Overall, people either see Kris as strictly non-binary or think that the player should be able to reflect their gender onto Kris, despite it being made very clear that the player cannot chose anything about the protagonist (hence the opening sequence, where all of the player's choices concerning the protagonist are discarded to be replaced with an already existing character). Nevertheless, a lot of fan art of Kris depicts them as male.


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