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Katie Mitchell is a lesbian character from The Mitchells vs. The Machines.


When Katie gets accepted into the film school of her dreams, she says goodbye to her family, but her plans to meet "her people" at college are completely upended when her nature-loving dad Rick plans for an ultimate family road trip. This means instead of flying there as she planned, Rick, her mom Linda, her little brother Aaron, and the family's pet pug Monchi, will drive Katie to her school together.


A red headed girl with big glasses, side swept hair, and a lighting bolt earring on one side. A white shirt with a monster on it, with a red sweater on top with three pins attached to it. Jeans, both knees which have holes in theme, and a eyeballs drawn above one hole, and beat up red sneakers.


Katie is an imaginative, artistic, ultra smart and quirky girl who enjoys filming shorts for her YouTube channel. She is socially awkward, but kind, friendly and outgoing. Mitchell can also be considered strange by other individuals because of her authencity and random ideas, but she inspires people like her to be better. In the beginning of the movie, she was shown to be somewhat manipulative and rude to her family, but as the movie goes on and the character develops, we can see how brilliant she is and how much potential she has. She is unique as is her clever brain that has helped her and her family in many things throughout the story.


There were several hints when she was confirmed to be lesbian in the movie. She has a rainbow pin on the side of her red hoodie jacket, one of her home movies is about her asking a girl named "Chloe" to prom, she watches Jade live on her phone a lot and talks about how she's an awesome person in the movie, and draws her in her notebooks. At the end of the movie, Katie's mother, Linda, asks if she and Jade were "official" yet.


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