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Helmut Fullbear is a gay character from Psychonauts.


Helmut was a traveling musician who performed a stage show called "Helmuts Psychodyssey" who uses his psychic powers to project images while singing. Not many people came; his show was canceled. However, his show attracted Ford Cruller, who recruited him as a part of the Psychic Six by becoming its seventh member. He performed his show for the group, which smitten Bob Zanotto. The two fell in love and got married. Years passed, and their former member, Lucy, was changed due to the war in her homeland, Grulovia. The Psychic Six was dispatched to the country in hopes of reasoning with her. The group tried and failed, which led to a battle where Helmut shielded his husband and ended up in a lack that was frozen by Otto's Hperhyglaciator almost permanently. Before losing consciousness, he used a capsule of super sneezing powder that shot his brain out of his body and out of the water where Ford found it. He then put the brain into a jar that was left in the Heptadome. Ford, however, changed his mind by the Astralathe, thus forgetting about the brain. Otto Mentallis found Helmut's brain after many years and was labeled 'Heptadome Harry.' Raz finds Helmut's brain in Otto's Hall of Brains and uses it as a substitute for the brainless Nick Johnsmith. Helmut then experiences synesthesia while in Nick's body, but thanks to Raz, he regains his senses along with his memories. He then later reunites with his husband, Bob, and then the rest of the Psychic Six.


Helmut was a tall and large man. He had ginger hair, pink skin, bushy eyebrows, and a mustache. He typically wore a viking helmet and a colorful outfit.


Helmut has a great love for life, color, and the beauty of the world around him, but above all, he loves to perform. He is a gentle, optimistic man who cares deeply for his friends, and especially for his husband Bob. Helmut believes in peace and the unity of all things in the universe.


Helmut is gay, as confirmed from the canon of Psychonauts 2. He fell in love with Bob Zanotto, and the two started a relationship with one another then got married.


Most people loved when Helmut and Bob's relationship was revealed due to the lack of subtlety and how natural it was shown.


Bob Zanotto

Bob is Helmut's husband and colleague and they both love each other dearly. After Helmut's disappearance 20 years ago, Bob became a wreck while Helmut lost his identity from being disconnected from his body.

Interesting enough even when Helmut lost his memories, there where still figments in his mind that looked like Bob or even his glasses and Helmut's representation of his sense of hearing, Audie O, resembles Bob's form and voice. They even share figments of their wedding, including their friends. Audie O may also show how important Bob is to Helmut due to how much he loves music.

After recovering his identity the first he does is look for a way to talk to Bob. When the two are reunited, both Helmut and Bob is overjoyed to see each other again. The two are later seen planning a trip to Grulovia to seek out Helmut's frozen body.


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