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Hange Zoe is a genderqueer bisexual character from Attack On Titan.


While their past remains unknown, Hange enrolled into the Survey Corps and had served as the leader of the Fourth Squad, until they were named as a commander by Erwin Smith before his death.

During the Rumbling, they name Armin Arlelt as their successor, before bidding farewell to the Scouts as they flew off to fight off the colossal Titans that Eren Yeager summoned in order to commit the Rumbling. In their final moments, they kill several of the colossals using thunderspears, and express that “Titans… truly are beautiful” as they burst into flames due to the heat the Titans emit and pass away.


Hange is most often seen wearing a butter-yellow shirt and part or all of the Survey Corps uniform, including knee-length leather boots, a half-length brown jacket, white pants and green cape or olive overcoat. They usually don either a pair of combat goggles or a regular pair of glasses.

Gender-wise, their appearance is fairly neutral in the manga, other than the eyelashes typical of female characters in manga. Depending on the angle and pose, one can sometimes discern a faint trace of breasts, but this is not always visible, even when one would expect it to be. In the anime, they have a more obviously feminine appearance, most notably including more prominent (though not over the top) breasts, which leads many to believe that Hange is a woman. They are also voiced by a woman.


Hange is an extremely energetic person, and has felt a great obsession for Titans ever since they cut a Titan into pieces and saw how light it was. In the OVA, they beg to be allowed to capture a Titan in order to do experiments and becomes furious when refused. They also fawn over the idea over encountering an abnormal, which Levi mocks them for. They are one of the few individuals who express genuine compassion for the Titans prior to the discovery of their true nature as transformed Eldians.

Despite their excited nature, Hange has shown to be serious as times, this seriousness increasing as the severity of the threat of the enemy increased. They once threatened to push Pastor Nick off the Wall and kill him, and later brutally tortures Djell Sannes for murdering Nick. They are displayed to be highly intelligent They also attempted to console a crying Mikasa when she believes that her life-long friend, Armin, was about to pass away, sharing that they have hundreds of people that they wish they could bring back to life themselves.

They displayed a great deal of resistance to Eren Yeager’s Rumbling plan, whilst remaining seemingly patriotic to their country. They state that everything that they and the Scouts do is “for the sake of the Eldian people”. They also had a sense of self-sacrifice, and often risked their life to let the Scouts live. Ultimately, they gave up their life to help stop the Rumbling and save the remaining Scouts.


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Hange is bisexual since they show attraction to both men and women, namely Pieck Finger and Keith Shadis.


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Fans were elated that Pieck was Hange's last crush in the manga


Hange's gender and sex are ambiguous. Hajime Isayama has instructed the publishers of the English translation of Attack on Titan to avoid gendered pronouns when referring to them, or at least use “he” and “she” with equal frequency when gender neutral pronouns cannot be used.[1] In early English editions of the manga’s fifth volume, they are referred to as “she,” but this was before the publishers had received the aforementioned pronoun instructions and this has been corrected in later editions and consistenly maintained in subsequent volumes.[2] On his blog, Isayama ascribes the song 自分らしく(Jibunrashiku, "As Myself") by Shinsei Kamattechan as a character song for Hange.[3] With lyrics such as "I’m boku and atashi too" and "as myself, who could never be a man, a woman," the song is about gender-nonconformity and being non-binary. The lead singer of the band, Noko, identifies as non-binary/X-gender.

In an OVA of the anime, Ilse’s Notebook, Hange uses somewhat more feminine speech, leading some Japanese-speaking fans to speculate about whether they identify as a woman.[4] However, this OVA was not written by Hajime Isayama and likely does not reflect his views of the character. Hange normally uses the neutral first-person pronoun watashi. Hange’s voice actress, Romi Park, has also mentioned being instructed to bear in mind Hange’s gender ambiguity when voicing them.[5]


For the most part, Hange is perceived as a woman due to their more feminine appearance in the anime and lack of explicit mention of them being non-binary in the series. However, other fans see them as non-binary, and think it is disrespectful to see Hange as a woman. Several fans believe that while anime Hange is at least assigned female at birth, manga Hange’s sex is open to interpretation. As Hange can be referred to with any pronouns, this would mean that any way of viewing Hange’s gender is correct if the reader feels that it is so.


Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is at first an enemy of Hange, before them becoming close friends and aiding each other in each others time of need. In Chapter 132, it is stated Hange has a crush on Pieck before ultimately passing away before being able to admit their feelings to her.

Commander Keith Shadis

Keith and Hange were good friends and cared for each other deeply and always aided each other when ready. Hange was teased for having a crush on him and admiring him a lot.


  • Word of Gay - Hange is shown to be bisexual, but is never described as genderqueer within the manga.


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