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Hana is a transgender character from Tokyo Godfathers.


Hana was abandoned by her parents as a child, and grew up in foster care. She was raised by an older drag queen working at an okama bar and became a performer there until she ran away after a dispute with a customer. After leaving the bar, she became homeless.


Hana is a tall older trans woman. Her clothing is dull and ragged. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is missing some teeth.


Hana lives with two other homeless people, Gin and Miyuki, and takes care of both of them. She wants to be a mother and chooses the name Kiyoko for a baby the three of them find in a dumpster. Hana is a devout Christian who chooses to go to church during Christmas, which she is teased for. She is literate, appreciating the works of Dostoevsky and inventing haikus on the spot.


Hana is a trans woman. She jokingly states, “I’m one of God’s mistakes,” and “in my heart I am a woman.” She uses the feminine first-person pronoun atashi for herself and describes herself as an okama.[1] Hana allows Miyuki to address her as “bag lady” or “aunt” (obasan). Earlier English releases of Tokyo Godfathers described Hana as a transvestite or a drag queen. When the movie received a new English dub in 2020, Hana’s role was played by transgender actress Shakina Nayfack.


The director of Tokyo Godfathers’ 2020 English dub, Michael Sinterniklaas, discussed the importance of casting a trans actress in Hana’s role in an interview.[2] Shakina Nayfack’s casting was positively received.



Gin is a homeless man who lives with Hana. She is in love with him, but he does not reciprocate her feelings. Gin has a family, but is estranged from them.


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Queer Character, Queer Actor - Shakina Nayfack is also transgender.

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