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Boyfriend is a bisexual character from Friday Night Funkin.


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Boyfriend has fair skin and cyan hair. He wears a red backwards cap with a blue bill, a white shirt with a red circle-backslash symbol on the front, blue pants, and red shoes with white laces/soles.


Boyfriend is a cocky, overzealous rapper with a love for music, donuts and his girlfriend. He loves to sing and show off his skills, resulting in his confident attitute.

Boyfriend is very determined and persistent on reaching his goals and won't let anyone get in the way of his success, even if threatened with death. Boyfriend is also implied to be clingy, as he is never seen without Girlfriend by his side.

Sometimes Boyfriend may choose not to communicate normally with strangers and will simply beep at them instead of using words.


A popular headcanon within the FNF community was that Pico is Boyfriend's ex. This headcanon gathered so much traction that Tom Fulp (the creator of Pico), tweeted jokingly that "this is official Pico 2 canon" and Ninjamuffin99 (the FNF programer) also confirmed as joke and said it was not true.

However, he later changed his mind and claimed it was canon on Twitch,[1] Reddit,[2] Twitter,[3] and even in some private messages.[4]

Ninjamuffin99 later claimed that Boyfriend is bisexual in another Twitter post.[5]


This section is about fan reaction to the characters sexuality/gender identity. NOT THE IN UNIVERSE REACTION. In universe reactions would belong under sexuality/gender.

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Girlfriend is Boyfriend's girlfriend and they both seem to love each other dearly, as shown by they always being toghter, Boyfriend doing rap battles with her parents, Senpai (also the Spirit), Tankman and etc to keep being with her (and to keep her safe) and in week 7 Girlfriend kisses him in the cheek wich Boyfriend reacts with joy.


Pico is Boyfriend's Ex. It's unknow how their relationship was before breaking up but judging by the way it was shown in "Love Conquers All" it was probably positive, however they broke up before the events of Friday Night Funkin' due to unknown reasons.

They're relationship in the present seems to be friendly, as seen by Pico betraying Daddy Dearest twice by sparing Boyfriend's life in week 3 and rescuing him in week 7 even tough he was ordered to kill him and to only confirm his death. He also chose to do a rap battle with Boyfriend insted of killing him because of nostalgia and old habits.


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