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Beauregard Lionett is a lesbian character from Critical Role.


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Beau was born to Clara and Thoreau Lionett, a rich wine family. Thoreau was very unfair to Beau and did not treat her well, while her mother tried her best but couldn't do much to help Beau through rough times. Beau became resentful of her father, and started to sell wine at cost and eventually led to her becoming a criminal and meeting a woman named Tori. She and Tori eventually started a relationship, and got arrested together. Thoreau bailed Beau out, but left Tori behind, and Beau never found out what happened to her.

Her father hired several monks from the Cobalt Reserve to take Beau so that they could reform her. They trained her in discipline and hand-to-hand combat, but it took awhile for any bit of discipline to set in. She later found out that the entire operation regarding the monks was illegal and received closure.

She eventually left the monastery after her father stopped paying them, as she figured that they wouldn't want them there anymore. She met Jester and Fjord while in Trostenwald where they fought a large snake monster and bonded with them. The following day, they met the rest of what would become the Mighty Nein, and went to a carnival. There, a large toad beast turned several members of the audience into zombies, which the group ended up fighting.


Beau has dark olive skin, and is average height. She has long hair held up in a ponytail, with the sides of her head shaved in an undercut. Beau normally wears a crop top type shirt, in order to show off her abs, and a long blue coat.


Beau is abrasive at first, but does care greatly about her friends and innocent people. She tends to push people away by being rude, but eventually softens around her friends. She is also extremely intelligent but lazy, and eventually gained a calmness and patience to help her while negotiating.


Beau established pretty early on that she was attracted to woman.


Beau was immediately loved by WLW (Woman Loving Woman) fans, who dubbed her a disaster lesbian (which Marisha Ray greatly agreed with). Many enjoy that she is less feminine and more abrasive, making her feel like many butch lesbians, and more relatable than lesbians in mainstream media. Seeing as Critical Role, the show in which this character starred in, is quite supportive of LGBTQIA+ peoples, most of the straight community also embraced Beauregard.



While Beau was trying to bootleg her father's wine she met a woman named Tori. Tori was a bit older than her and showed her the ropes of bootlegging and the two eventually got together. They got caught one day, and while Beau was bailed out by her father, Tori was left in a jail cell. Beau was taken by the monks of the Cobalt Soul and never saw Tori again. She's though of looking her up, but figured that Tori would just punch her in the face or was dead.

Yasha Nydoorin

Beau was instantly attracted to Yasha upon meeting her for the first time in Trostenwald. Their blossoming relationship started off quite comically, when Beauregard pretended to be unable to walk without her staff in an attempt to keep her staff during a carnival performace. In response, Yasha, who was the guard of the performance, offered to carry Beau to her spot in the audience.


Beau and the rest of the Nein woke up one morning to find half their part gone. They followed some tracks only to find Keg instead. Though it amounted to not much more than a fling, Keg left Beau a letter that showed her many attempts to wax poetic about Beau's good looks, though all of these attempts were crossed out.


Reani met Beau and the rest of the Mighty Nein outside of Umagorn's shop. Beau initially thought that they had all died, and that Reani was an angel. As she learned about the similarities between Reani and the Nein she questioned if they should trust her since she seemed to good to be true, but ended up trusting her in the end, and she joined them in their quest to find a white dragon. At the Dusts crematorium, Reani creates a flower for Beau and shyly tries to hit on her, when Beau grabs her and kisses her. The two then go off to have sex. The player playing Reani, Mica Burton, professed during an episode of Talks Machina that this was Reani's favorite part of meeting the Might Nein.

Jester Lavorre

Jester and Beau first met while Jester was traveling with Fjord. They traveled together and eventually met the rest of their group, which would soon be called "The Mighty Nein". While not very close at first, Beau and Jester soon became each others best friends.


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