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Ayame Nureba is a lesbian character from Kakegurui Midari.


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Ayame has collarbone-length light brown hair with two streaks on the sides of her head, where a small ponytail is tied by a white bow on the back. She has brownish-red eyes. She has bangs hanging over her forehead. She wears black semi-rimless glasses and a normal Hyakkaou uniform.


Ayame is shown to be fairly quiet and naïve, often trusting others easily and falling for cheats in gambles. She is shown to be suicidal as well, at the beginning of the Kakegurui Midari manga she attempted to throw herself off the school roof over the possibility of having to be with a man. However, despite acting sweet and innocent, when Ayame gambles with Midari Ikishima, she can be quite sadistic. Midari Ikishima and Naoe Habakirihave both stated that she is a sadist and acts weird when gambling. Ayame is also shown to have a rather conservative view towards sex, saying at the beginning of the series that she could only ever have sex with the one person she truly loves, a statement that is later brought up again during chapter nine when she has sex with Midari Ikishima.


Ayame is confirmed to be a lesbian character at the beginning of the Kakegurui Midari manga, where she attempts suicide over the idea of having to be with a man. She also got very visibly distressed and upset when Nana Ootori said she could have sex with someone she knew, and then said it would be a man. This all confirms that she does not feel attraction towards men. Ayame is shown to be aroused by other women on multiple occasions, even getting her girlfriend off during gambles. Ayame was shown to lose her virginity to Midari in a school bathroom, and ends up dating her a few chapters later. Ayame has also been shown to get nervous talking to other women because of how beautiful she thinks they are, as shown in her interactions with Yuriko. All of this confirms that her feelings towards women are sexual and romantic in nature, and that she does feel attraction to them.


Midari Ikishima

Ayame and Midari in chapter nine

Ayame is shown to be dating Midari during the Kakegurui Midari manga, even losing her virginity to her at the beginning of chapter nine, something she herself said she would only do with someone she truly loves. They first met when Midari saved her from committing suicide and canceled her debt of 10 million yen so that Ayame would be free from Nana Ootori. Ayame is shown to be rather affectionate with Midari, often letting Midari put her arms around her waist/shoulder and blushing and smiling while leaning into her. We also see that Ayame trusts Midari, and at one point during a gamble, Ayame gets nervous and collapses into Midari's arms. During the Kill or Die gamble in volume four, Ayame says that Midari is her savior and that she wants Midari to live even if it means she will die. Ayame is shown at the very end of the manga to be holding Midari's hand while Midari cups her face and tells her she is "unimaginable".


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