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Arashi Narukami is a transgender bisexual character from Ensemble Stars!.


Arashi was a model when she was a child (and still is). She was seen as a brat since she was rude and refused to respect authority.

In The War, Arashi was a member of Backgammon, a unit which had many members, with most of them slacking off, including Arashi. When Backgammon split apart, Arashi joined Knights, out of obligation to Izumi. She took part in Checkmate, along with the rest of Knights.


Arashi has blonde hair and purplish-blue eyes. She has a total of three piercings, two on her left ear and one on the right; she also wears a ring on her right hand.

During The War, Arashi had brown hair and glasses, to copy the appearance of Akiomi, her crush.


Arashi is a kind and determined person. She has a strong desire to protect those close to her, and it can make her seem overbearing at moments. While she appears mature, she has a childish side.

She tries to solve her problems by herself while also attempting to help her friends at the same time. She preaches self-love, and preaches that she is beautiful no matter what others say.


Arashi is implied to like both men and women. She has a crush on her teacher, Akiomi. Arashi loves "hard-working boys and girls." She commonly says she may fall in love with someone after they do something nice to her.


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Most fans are accepting of Arashi's sexuality.


Arashi says this about her gender and self-love: “No matter how much I want it, and no matter how hard I try... I could never become the beautiful woman I dream to be. But even if that’s true... I won’t let it depress me. I won’t whine about it anymore. I love myself most, no matter who I am.”

Arashi's fellow unit member, Izumi, says this about Arashi's gender: “If I had to categorize. But that one’s more like, ‘Gender: Narukami Arashi.’ And they’re best treated that way. Naru-kun will look at you weird when you treat them too much like a girl.”


The western fandom is very accepting of Arashi's gender idenitity. On March 2nd 2022, in celebration of Arashi's birthday, Transgender Visibility Day and Women's History Month, a group of Korean Fans under the twitter handle @Naru_donation, donated 4,200 dollars to four human rights organizations.


Akiomi Kunugi

Arashi has a crush on her teacher, Akiomi. Akiomi does not reciprocate these feelings, and avoids her.

Mika Kagehira

While not explicitly having a romantic relationship, they have both talked about dating each other on multiple occasions, and have also said they loved each other. "But that's why I love you, Mika-chan! You compliment me in everyway." "I love ya too, Naru-chan ♪" Once during a live performance, Mika said the following: "Naru-chan is very good-looking!" (alt. translation: Naru-chan you look really cool!) and "You look really pretty!" Arashi has said that she would date Mika if they weren't friends.

Unnamed Person

During The War, there was a person that Arashi called "the most beautiful person in the world", and that person confessed their love to Arashi. But this person committed suicide. The gender of this person is unknown, but it is most likely that they are a man.


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