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Amity Blight is a lesbian character from The Owl House.


As the top of her class, Amity Blight is character that originally was known as the antagonist seeing her bully the main character/protagonist (Luz Noceda) and Luz;s friend, Willow Park, but later had a redemption arc after finding out Amity's parents were forcing Amity to bully Willow and saying she couldn't be friends with her because she is to weak but now back to friends with Willow and Gus after standing up to her mother. In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", she and Luz are now dating.


Amity has chin-length hair with a ponytail pulling the front hair out of her face, pale skin, and bright golden eyes. Like most witches, she pointy ears. Amity's hair is two-toned, comprised of shades of aquamarine with brown hair—her natural hair color—visible at the roots. Near the end of "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", Amity decides to dye her hair lilac, with brown hair visible at her temples.


Earlier in the show, Amity is very mean to others and is seen as an antagonist. Later in the series when she sees it was her parents who caused her to behave like this and actually has deep reasoning for being mean to Willow, Luz, and Gus, we see the sweet side of her. Her biggest fear was Luz rejecting her. She became very protective of Luz and gave her the portal key to protect her.


The Owl House creator Dana Terrace confirmed that Amity Blight is a lesbian, making her the first major recurring LGBT character in a Disney animated series. Dana Terrance cleared up in a Reddit thread that Amity is a lesbian[1].

Amity is only ever shown attraction to Luz. She begins crushing sometime in later season one (it’s assumed around episode 13), blushing and stumbling over her words frequently, and it continues even when the two become an official couple in episode 8 of season 2.


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Luz Noceda

Amity's crush on Luz first starts to show midway through season 1, when she blushes around her.

It becomes steadily more obvious throughout the first season, especially in "Enchanting Grom Fight" when she plans on asking Luz to be her date for Grom.

Luz appears totally oblivious to Amity's crush on her, even in the second season, and even when she seems to begin to reciprocate Amity's feelings in "Escaping Expulsion".

In "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", near the end of the episode, Amity kisses Luz on the cheek, suggesting that she is ready to confess her crush, but later walks away muttering "why did I do that?"

In "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", Amity and Luz confesses their feelings for each other and start dating. Hooty even refers to Amity as Luz's "GF".

In "Eclipse Lake", Amity is trying to prove that she's an awesome girlfriend by taking care of Luz when she comes down with the "Common Mold". Meanwhile, She and Luz are using two little gaming devices to communicate with each other using symbols; but Amity doesn't understand yet the message that Luz has sent to her, which was "U R PRETTY". When Eda decides that she and King will go to Eclipse Lake to get Titan's Blood for Luz, Amity immediately volunteers to go with them, still wanting to prove herself to Luz. After capturing Hunter, the Golden Guard, Amity becomes protective when Hunter tries to make a threat if he ever saw Luz again, after calling him a "bad but sad boy". Later, Amity becomes worried when Hunter interprets the new message from Luz as a threatening reminder to come back with Titan's Blood, or else Luz will break-up with her. Amity rebuts this by saying that she's an "awesome girlfriend", but Hunter quickly asks her if Luz has ever said that, which made Amity even more worried. Out of desperation to not fail Luz, Amity disobeys Eda, and takes matters into her own hands. After Amity and King discover that Eclipse Lake is empty, Amity feels that she has failed Luz, and believes that Luz will break-up with her because of the message Luz sent earlier. But when Amity shows the message to King, he turns the device on its side, revealing that Luz has been using the symbols as letters that says "U R RAD", "FOOLS BLOOD BAD", "U OKAY", and "COME HOME". Amity is relieved, knowing that Luz still loves her and only cares about her safety more than the success of the mission. After a witches duel with Hunter for the portal key, he and Amity come to a stalemate; but when Hunter threatens Luz's life by revealing that he knows where to find her, Amity is forced to surrender the key to Hunter (but not before breaking the key in her hand, and letting some of the blood leak on to her glove), and tells him to stay away from Luz. When Amity, King, and Eda (stuck in harpy mode) return to the owl house, Luz, who already feels better, hugs Amity first, saying that she's "so glad that her awesome girlfriend is okay", with Amity feeling the same way about Luz.


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